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    my mom was playing world of warcraft and someone said “fuck off” and she said “such language” and the next person said “very swear” and the next said “much offensive” and basically my mom started crying and blamed me


    Did you just

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    Happy 6th anniversary U-KISS!

    It’s been an eventful 6 years full of ups and downs but as usual you’ve pulled through and showed us just how resilient you all are. I hope to see you all grow and extend yourselves even further in the years to come, and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors, whatever they may be and wherever they may lead you. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences and congratulations, U-KISS!

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Me seeing all the performances of VMAs. 


    Me seeing all the performances of VMAs. 

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  8. I lost 2 followers.

    iggy azalea animated GIF

    Anyone else care to join them?

  9. unruly-beast-deactivated2014040 said: Are you fucking kidding? An eight year old CANNOT CONSENT. An eight year old CANNOT PREDATE on an older individual. What in the great green fuck is wrong with you? Were you born a victim blaming piece of horse shit or do you have to work at it?





    I hate this 8 YEAR 8 YEAR 8 YEAR OLD. People keep forgetting the key word: 8 year old male.


    this person is trash

    Never forget.

    Always remember.

    Don’t let this die until the Party Van comes to her door.  (But for fuck’s sake, don’t doxx her.  We can do better than that.)

    - Number 1

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    people forget that south africa ended apartheid only two decades ago

    People also forget that because of that, there are severe anti-white sentiments in South Africa to the point that a lot of the white people there don’t feel safe in their own country

    whose country?


    Ooooh, I was just WAITING for someone to justify the slaughter of white children in South Africa.

    imageThis is what you promote.


    This is what you want.


    This is WHAT YOU FUCKING PROMOTE. This is your quality.

    This is the product of you being a hateful racist fuck. This is what you support.

    This is what you demand.

    Now, I know you don’t view white people as human beings… (You can read more here under his “For The White Folk" section and see for yourself)… and the fact that these children were born in Africa, raised in Africa, and brutally fucking murdered in Africa certainly doesn’t matter to you.

    What matters is that you have a conduit for your hate. That these people happen to be white really isn’t important.

    Because if you were white motherfucker you’d be signing the dotted line at the local chapter of your KKK.

    Because fuckers like you are all over.

    Fuckers like you will ALWAYS find a reason to justify your hate. You’ll have rationales, and you’ll have anger, and you’ll even change the meaning of words if it lets you squirm out of pesky ethical entanglements.

    "Well, we murdered the entire family because they were white?"

    "Solely because they were white."


    "And you claim that these actions were not racist at all?"


    "What is your reasoning?

    "Well, it’s more accurate to say that we discriminated against allowing them to live. So, while we were discriminatory against them when we blew their brains out for being white, it’s not fair to call us racists."


    But here’s the key… and I mentioned it earlier.

    People like you… the hate mongers… the racists… the monsters… you’ll always find some JUSTIFICATION for your hate.

    "They don’t feel safe in their own country."

    "Who’se country?"

    AND THERE IT IS KIDS… murder the fucking invaders. Brutalize their corpses. Rape them. Cut them. Burn them.

    Because they’re invaders and need to die. It doesn’t matter if they’re men that farm, or children in the fields, or mothers wives or sisters.

    What matters is that they’re white.

    You’re a fucking abomination and I’m done with you. Rattle off your shit eating rationales for why it’s perfectly acceptable for you to be the failure of a human being you are but I’ll not traffic with you further. I feel unclean.

  11. MUST SEE: Morgan Freeman Dismisses ‘White Privilege’ in Just 7 Words to a Shocked CNN Anchor →







    I do love Morgan Freeman.


    *breaths in* I fucking love the smell of extreme butthurt in the morning

    ROFL DID SOMEONE JUST DISCOUNT HIM CAUSE HE’S OLD!? JFC This is a very powerful and influential black man disagreeing with you and you are SOOOO Upset and it’s hilarious!

    what a fucking whiney pissbaby hahaha

  12. Anonymous said: So let me get this right. Feminists want to be able to leave gender roles, so they can do masculine things, but masculinity is bad?


  13. Short film highlights man-elephant conflicts →


    Shocked by the mowing down of seven elephants – three calves, three mothers and a tusker – by a high-speed goods train in a traditional elephant corridor of North Bengal on September 23, 2010, a young filmmaker, Ashok Patel, has come up with an award-winning short film on elephants.

    The film, God on the Edge, which was screened at the Lakshmiram Baruah Sadan last evening under the aegis of Guwahati Cine Club, is an attempt not just at analyzing the escalating man-elephant conflict, including a spurt in accidental elephant deaths, but is also a poignant narrative on the unique bonding between elephants and mahouts, and the reverence accorded to the pachyderm in Indian society.

    The film runs through the narrative of Md Jaan Baksh, a 60-year-old mahout at Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary who has been passionately handling elephants since the age of 11, even abandoning his family twice for his love for elephants. The bonding between human and elephants comes alive through his relationship with Sheoprasad and Urvashi.

    The film notes with concern how the killer railway tracks running through dense elephant habitat as also growing settlements and commercial facilities have been causing fragmentation and degradation of forests. This in turn has intensified the man-elephant conflict to disturbing proportions. Jaan Baksh suggests a number of remedies to scale down the level of the conflict. These include controlled speed of trains, electrification of human settlements, huts on raised platforms, cultivation of alternative crops, and prohibition of night running trains through prime elephant habitats.

    In the words of Jaan Baksh, “Elephants symbolize Lord Ganesha and he is worshipped across India with muchfanfare. But do the revellers ever realize the stress that their deity is being subjected to in the face of thoughtless human action in destroying and fragmenting elephant habitats?”

    The filmmaker says that the objective of the film is to highlight the plight of the magnificent animal that has been an intrinsic part of Indian culture since the ages, and elicit the required intervention from the authorities.

    The film has already won acclaim from critics. It bagged the ‘Best Film on Environment’ at the 10th IDPA Excellence Award, Mumbai; besides officially being selected in the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York.

    A new documentary about elephants, and specifically human-elephant conflict, by Ashok Patel is gaining momentum and awards!  The trailer is available here, if you’d like to check it out (it’s a bit graphic).  The above poster and synopsis is from his Facebook, as is this post:

    So, I’m already a fan obviously!

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    omg did u see that ghost

    When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

    it did

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